Nithridge Estate Wedding Love Story Editorial


This romantic Wedding Love Story Editorial was captured in the stunning Nithridge Estate and featured in The Vineyard Bride. With its corinthian columns, fountain, Juliette balcony, and unique outdoor amphitheatre, we felt like we were whisked away to Europe. We were instead nestled in the Ontario township of Norfolk. What a dream. Sadly, it has since closed. But, as is the case with all beautiful wedding venues, I am in high hopes it will be reopened in the near future.

This Love Story is inspired by ancient Greece. And where better to capture it than in a natural amphitheatre! We wanted to achieve the classic Grecian look with a modern flavour.


The year is 323 BC. Helena and Atticus were best friends and childhood sweethearts, but an unholy war took him away from her for three unending years. Alexander the Great had fallen, and their Empire was now crumbling in the first of the many resulting civil wars.

With the mounting silence of every passing year, Helena feared Atticus had died, but could never allow her heart to love another. With the war now over, Atticus has written Helena to let her know he’s still alive, that a two-day’s ride is all that separates him from her and that he wants her hands in marriage. If she says “yes” she’ll be waiting for him among the pillars they played at as children. Their first look is the first time they’ve seen each other in three years. He went to war a boy and came back a man.

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