lisa vigliotta


Wedding Highlights 


As a Cinematic Romance Photographer, my aim is to capture you unlike you've ever been captured before.
I want your portraits to feel like they are stills taken from a movie...the kind you secretly wish you starred in...

      ......except better, cause its your love story!

If I could articulate how absolutely thrilled I am on your wedding day to see the beauty and moments that are unique to your relationship unfurl before me… I would. I would tell you that it feels like Christmas morning, or my birthday; a gift to be unwrapped and discovered. Each wedding is so different from the next, and I marvel at and appreciate how each wedding stops me in my tracks at how lovely it all is. I don’t want to be espoused to a contrived set of moments people think they should have for their wedding. I want the realness of moments true to your nature to authentically flow. I want your personalities to shine through, and that will change the feeling of your portraits. Give me you and don’t hold back!! 

Nothing can duplicate your individual unique day. No one has the relationship you do, the expression of love between you; that mix of family and friends. If your wedding day was a movie, the two of you would be the main characters, everything else plays the role of supporting characters: Your day has its own colour pallet from what you’ve chosen to adorn yourself with, the flowers and decor you surround yourself with and the locations and venue you choose. Even the atmosphere and elements you can't choose, the weather and quality of light is uniquely yours…and I will cherish it all. With a keen eye and quick shutter, I will look for all these elements like treasure to weave your wedding day love story together.

I approach weddings as if they were cinematic movies with sweeping scenes; each having its own nuanced details and story to tell from a far away image of the two of you walking with your venue tucked away in the distance, to a close up image of his lips on your check; your hair trailing in the wind.

I believe in an experiential storytelling aesthetic with the focus being on the joy of a wedding unfolding naturally rather than the performance of a wedding. 

Your wedding day is not a photo shoot. Full Stop.

My heart is to want you to remember the authentic moments where you could feel his hand on the small of your back, the look in his eyes and the smell of his cologne…I want you to remember the taste of her kiss and the glorious beauty of your bride. 

My goal is that the imagery would be infused with these felt emotions and transport you back to that moment on your wedding day; to have you fall in love with your love story.

through the art of observation ,

the knowledge of the quality of light ,

and an artist's heart for romance ,

you will fall in love with your love story.



Engagement Sessions are the perfect way for us to get to know one another before your wedding. We'll take our time to find your best angles, and settle your camera jitters as I show you the images on the back of my camera. My goal is for you to be confident in the images I will take on your wedding. We'll chat and laugh and take beautiful romantic images to get you excited for your stunning wedding images to come. That way, I get to be a familiar face at your wedding!

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get–only with what you are expecting to give–which is everything

- Katharine Hepburn

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