Editorial Experiences for Photographers, Videographers and Creatives.

No matter what your level or experience, I'll meet you where you are at to help you elevate your brand and offering through 1:1 - 1:20 Mentorships and larger Worskhops.

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.

- HeRman Melville

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You know your camera like the back of your hand, you just want to photograph all the pretty things to elevate your brand to attract your ideal client. Creating Editorial Experiences is a joy of mine!


You need to level up and increase your skill in taking the images your heart is longing to capture. I can help with that.


Perhaps your a little of all the things above. Perhaps you just want to break into the industry and want a mentor to encourage you along the way and have someone to ask all the things. I'm good with improve off-the-cuff questions. I'm an open book and love to sit down with a mug of something yummy and chat  the hours away. We can talk all things technical about your camera, photography rules and how to break them; best business practices, social media marketing and customer service for your clients. The list is literally endless.

You're probably a better photographer than you think you are. Everyone needs a little encouragement and perspective shift from time to time, to help you take your craft to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what WORKS.

Or, perhaps you are confident in your ability, but just need the opportunity to create gorgeous content to attract your ideal client. There are so many things that come together to create stunning Editorials and many of us don't know the first place to start or have the industry connections to give it wings. I've been around the block a few times and back again. Through the years I have been the Creative Director, Stylist and Photographer at 50+ Styled Editorial Love Story Shoots in Canada, France, Italy and Greece many of which were concept created, visions cast, produced and  and planned by me. Lean in and learn from my mistakes and triumphs.

Believe me, I've been there. And we all started some where.


What Makes Us Different

My industry friends and I are absolutely in love with love. And as such, we want our Editorial Experiences to not only be beyond gorgeous, we want a sweeping Love Story to come from it. I create the characters,  vows to be spoken and a love story backstory for our models to embody and become, and a talent team of wedding industry professionals pull the vision together. Its wonderful make-believe for the day. The content you create from our Editorial Experience will feel like you are seeing still images scenes from a movie. We want you and your couples to fall in love with the characters you photograph.  Our Workshops are fully immersive and will fill all your senses with beauty and inspiration.

seriously, this is pretty special

So, if you're ready to emerce yourself in the Love Story world  created by a team of hope-filled romantics, you've found your tribe

You can't sell it, if you don't show it. And most often, a real wedding won't provide all the design details you need to elevate your brand to attract your dream wedding couples. Our Workshops have a clear vision, filled with romance and backstory so it feels real. Come create alongside us. We believe in community over competion and a mutual coming together to create beauty alongside one another

then our WorkSop is a great fit for you.

I can help with that.

1:1 Mentorships are on demand and can be scheduled during weekdays. We will meet casually in a coffee shop or over video call and cover all the topics your heart desires

All we've got to do is get started.


E L E V A T E   

1:20 WorkshopS

Content Creating Editorial Experiences for small groups of Photographers, Videographers and Creatives. Designed to elevate your imagery to attract your ideal client and get to know fellow industry vendors

Sweeping fully planned wedding Editorial Experience created by a passionate team to help you create stunning wedding content. This is the Workshop with a detailed Love Story! Stay tuned for date and country announcements

Just watching her work alone is MESMERIZING, being a fly on the wall- you can LEARN SO MUCH  by just her DIRECTING the couples/team members for certain tasks/shots to have captured.

"I’ve been a big fan of Lisa’s work and talent for last little while when I came across her work! I had to opportunity to meet her in person and do a mentoring workshop last year at a beautiful location and such a talented team. She’s an open book, and will bend over backwards to make sure you have your shots, understand how to do certain techniques and just simply makes you go out of your shell; try something different then how you originally shoot. Just watching her work alone is mesmerizing, being a fly on the wall- you can learn so much by just her directing the couples/team members for certain tasks/shots to have captured. Every time Lisa does any workshop, I’m always just in “Aweee” with all the gorgeous venues and the romantic concepts to photograph. Never a dull moment, always learning something from each workshop and you just feel more inspired! You’d be crazy to not experience one of her workshops that she hosts whether here or worldwide! See you in France {at your next Elevate Workshop}! "


“What I thought would be a 1:1 mentorship about how to become the best photographer turned into a SOUL SEARCHING EXPERIENCE. It became how do I share my soul with other people through my art while still being a present mother... [it was a] PERSPECTIVE CHANGING EXPERIENCE.

I recently accompanied Lisa in a 1:1 mentoring session. I am a huge fan of her work, so when I saw this opportunity arise, to say I was excited was an understatement. Her kindness began before we even met and I knew it would be a very special encounter. Lisa was warm and open to sharing tips and tricks throughout our photo session. The details involved were luxurious and out of this world. Seeing how she photographs the moment we all saw was very interesting.Lisa ensured I had time to get my shots amidst the very busy and fast paced day. She was a calming and reassuring presence for everyone throughout the event. The photos captured that day are out of this world. I cannot wait to share them fully.
The most rewarding aspect of our 1:1 was our private dinner. It was advertised as an “ask anything” scenario. Lisa was an open booking sharing how she grew to be the storytelling artist I so admire. Her photography knowledge was wonderful. But what transpired was truly crafted by the Holy Spirit. She reassured me about things I didn’t even know where an issue in my photography career. We shared life stories and that ultimately is how the best art is formed.
What I thought would be a 1:1 mentorship about how to become the best photographer turned into a soul searching experience. It became how do I share my soul with other people through my art while still being a present mother. What was discussed on this very special day will sit with me for years to come. I am thankful to God for allowing a beautiful friendship to blossom behind an unexpected perspective changing experience. Thank you Lisa. ♥︎


“ I highly encourage taking a workshop with Lisa.... she is not only an AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER  but creative director, producer and VISIONARY! I am so grateful for her expertise.

 I learned how to capture the romantic side of brides while keeping each moment authentic and true. I wanted to elevate my skills and Lisa taught me everything from composure techniques, flatlays, editing, to client processing and social media, and so much more. Lisa always listens and will answer any questions you have. I was surprised how open and honest she was, even about her personal life. Learning was only one small part of being around Lisa. She is an incredible person and was there to support me and encourage me when I felt down. I have been able to find so much joy, excitement, adventure and laughter along the way. She is kind, patient and light-hearted. Also she is a great cook! I am so grateful for her care and teaching along the way. I highly encourage taking a workshop with Lisa for photographers and creatives who are looking to elevate all parts of their art. She is not only an amazing photographer but creative director, producer and visionary! I am so grateful for her expertise.


“ Lisa is both professional, kind, hard working and gave me SOOO much insight and tips about starting out in the wedding industry.

I was recently a part of Lisa's Elevate 1:1 Mentorship Editorial Experience, and it was soo worth it! She is truly such a beautiful person inside and out. From the second I arrived to the mentorship experience where she welcomed me with open arms until the second I left Lisa made me feel so comfortable, and at ease. Lisa is both professional, kind, hard working and gave me sooo much insight and tips about starting out in the wedding industry. The editorial she put together was absolutely beautiful and she truly did think of every little detail. It was such a pleasure and an honour to work along side her and to learn how she approaches her work with so much intention. If you are a new photographer looking for an amazing wedding photographer to learn from you  must reach out to LISA!!


"Lisa is HANDS-DOWN the best photographer I have EVER had the pleasure to work with! I am a photographer myself, and recently had the opportunity to second shoot a wedding with her. Before the day of the wedding, Lisa made sure that I was comfortable with the camera I'd be using, went over the style the clients preferred, and the schedule we'd need to follow to capture all the big moments.

Lisa has always been a HUGE ROLE MODEL of mine and I am absolutely in love with her photography style - timeless, cinematic love stories that make anyone look like they've come STRAIGHT OUT OF A MOVIE. Lisa's incredibly warm and caring personality shown through when she interacted with the wedding party and guests alike, immediately PUTTING EVERYONE AT EASE and eliciting the most stunning visuals as a result. Lisa's encouragement and tips and tricks throughout the duration of the wedding really helped me get my bearings and I became aware of images I could be taking that I otherwise wouldn't have thought to capture.

We had a chance at the end of the night to get creative and set up a romantic candlelit dinner scene for the bride and groom, and I loved watching Lisa create these images - I was able to see the behind the scenes in person of how she DIRECTS and CREATES HER MAGIC. She took the time to guide me and show me different ways to take a more interesting image, and it really gave some insight on ways I can make my own images more thought provoking.

Lisa TRULY IS AN ARTIST, with her ability to create images that really tell the story of the wedding day and evoke emotion in the viewer. It was a dream to learn from her, and I recommend her 100% to anyone looking for a photography mentor!"


"She is able to get those intimate shots because of her ABILITY to be GENUINE and a friend so fast! "

"I have worked alongside Lisa and been mentored by her and I have also been on the other side of the camera as a Model! Lisa is always very professional and makes your feel comfortable. She is able to get those intimate shots because of her ability to be genuine and a friend so fast!"


“Lisa’s METICULOUS and her attention to detail is IMPECCABLE... Lisa, you're a GEM and thank you for teleporting me and propelling my spirit to soaring heights during our photoshoots!

"I have had the pleasure of working with the amiable Lisa for a couple years now. Lisa’s soul is beautiful, warm and genuine. I always feel so calm, comfortable and peaceful working with her. Her profound photography skills harmonize so magically with her dreamy imaginative visions and her artistic eye. Lisa’s meticulous and her attention to detail is impeccable. Lisa goes above and beyond to incorporate all elements (my favourite being music) into her photoshoots, to set the stage, thus making the experience conducive to the desired concept! Lisa, you're a gem and thank you for teleporting me and propelling my spirit to soaring heights during our photoshoots! I cannot wait to work with you again in the near future "


"She has one of the BEST ROMANTIC PHOTOGRAPHIC  EYES  I've ever seen.
I WISHED I had known about her when I got married for real several years ago!
...SO MUCH LOVE  for Lisa"

"I have worked with Lisa as an editorial model for two shoots now and I cannot say enough good things about her! She has one of the best romantic photographic eyes I've ever seen. I wished I had known about her when I got married for real several years ago! She's definitely the photographer you want to hire if you're looking for timeless cinematic photos. The saying, "a picture says a thousand words" is really true with all of her shots; they tell such beautiful stories.


"As a model, I have had opportunities to work with dozens of photographers throughout my life. But without a single ounce of hesitation, I can say that Lisa is easily the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER that I have EVER worked with."

"As a model, I have had opportunities to work with dozens of photographers throughout my life. But without a single ounce of hesitation, I can say that Lisa is easily the BEST photographer that I have ever worked with.

Not only does Lisa create a safe space for her clients with her infectious positive personality, but she knows how to direct in the most amazing way, making you feel nothing but comfort, beginner or pro. She has an incredible attention to detail, and is quick with edits. She is an absolute genius behind the lens, and an even more beautiful human being. Dedicated to her craft, I would highly recommend Lisa for ANY style of photography!

Thank you Lisa for being an amazing photographer, and always giving me words of wisdom. You are an absolute gem!"

— Kay

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