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The University Club



Matilda & Stanley

Matilda and Stanley wed by candlelight on a rainy day inside the storied walls of The University Club in Toronto, both equal parts giddy and nervous. His kisses stilled her anxiousness, her smile stole his heart. He couldn’t take his eyes off of his bride as she shyly met his gaze. Despite her confidence in his love, he still gave her butterflies. They had met two years earlier, in the way most people do these days: online. They swiped right on each other and never swiped again. Eager to meet, they had their first date at the Royal Ontario Museum the following day. Despite their twin flame shy and reserved natures, they recognized a similarities in their souls that was familiar, as if they had known each other all their life. Stanley’s playful boyish charm endeared him to Matilda the moment she laid eyes on him. For Stanley, Matilda was a work of art in human form and he was enraptured by her striking eyes and full lips that loved him well with dizzying kisses. Falling in love with one another was the easiest thing they had ever done. 

Both lovers of antiquity, the museum quickly became their favoured date night spot, and it was among the Rembrandt collection Stanley first kissed her. Knowing the Dutch paintings were her favourite, it was there as well he got on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. 

Inspired by the lighting of Dutch Golden Age of painting, Matilda and Stanley wanted their wedding to feel as if they had stepped into a work of art. They favoured the dark walls of The University Club to set the tone and for their wedding flowers to stand in contrast against. Sumptuous rich tones of lush florals climbed the columns where they were wed. The overcast drizzle of their wedding day was a welcomed atmosphere, that made the soft glow from the candelabra and chandeliers all the more romantic. The were in love with their own love story; completely caught up in the beauty of the work of art that was their wedding day.


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