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Morland Mansion



Love in the Time of Covid

Forced by the Quarantine to cancel the wedding of their dreams in France, Madeleine and Jean-Luc refuse to let their love be cancelled. With rolling lockdowns and travel bans not permitting out of country family and friends to attend, Madeleine and Jean-Luc instead have a romantic and intimate wedding with four dear friends. To satisfy their desire to marry in a European Mansion, they marry in the French country style garden of a private 1870's mansion in Northern Ontario, Canada. By starlight and violin serenade they dine alfresco and dance the night away by candlelight. Love was not cancelled that day and new dreams were made. If their wedding taught them anything it is this: magic is what you make it.


Let's Tell Yours.

If you are looking for a Storyteller Wedding Photographer that has a heart for romance, a keen eye for detail, and who will love every moment with you...then I am the artist to capture your wedding. Your wedding portraits will be elevated to art; the kind that leaves an indelible mark on your heart. Images that will remind you in the decades to come how much you truly love one another. The generations to follow will cherish and pour over every scene of your romance on the day you pledged to be one.

We all want to come from family that loves each other beautifully; a legacy of love.

Let's give them something to talk about ;)

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