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Evangeline & Ilias 

This is an inspiration Editorial set in the ethereal monoliths of Meteora, Kalabaka, Greece. A love story of Evangeline & Ilias. I wanted to explore the emotional elements of HOPE & FREEDOM as a felt emotion through the Love Story of Evangeline + Ilias revealed against the stunning backdrop of the monastery clifftops of Meteora. Inspired by the wind and sparrows, freedom and fearlessness, these lovers meet under an ancient bridge by a waterfall as they make their way to the clifftops of Meteora to elope… breaking free from the chains of their old lives and pain from the past, and the freedom found only in their love.


Evangeline, my bride, my beauty, my hope….I fall in love with you a thousand times a day; my rising sun.

Each day is fresher anew with the glory of you.

Before you entered my world, I saw in shades of grey. Life was a blur of hopelessness.

You saved me from myself and became a light at what I now realize was a dark and lonely tunnel.

Now a hope swells in my heart for first time. You burst into my life as the rising sun does, at first gentle and unassuming, and then all of a sudden your dawn enveloped the whole of me and I could see no other but you.

I want to embody and be everything you see in me; become everything you need, everything God has created me to be.

What a beautiful life this is now that I get to love and be loved by you. Evangeline, I promise to love you my whole life


Ilias, the journey my life has taken has not been an easy one.

This broken road however, lead me straight to you.

It took meeting you to wake up to the fog I was living in fog before you.

I love you not because you saved me from sadness, or because you restored my faith in humanity, but because you are the most beautiful soul I’ve ever known.

You’ve taught me that love doesn’t need to hurt, it doesn’t have to wound.

Your love heals.

Your love is safe.

Your love is a night song; moonbeams and mistletoe. Nights filled with your lips on mine are a heaven and rest to me.

Love, true, soul-satisfying love has found its full expression in you.

With all my heart I pledge mine to yours. Today I shake off the shackles of fear that bound me to my caged past and soar into a freedom found beautifully in your arms.


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