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Imogen & Edmund 



An 1800's Forbidden Love Story Elopement

This is a Lovestory set back in time to the late 1800’s when two would be lovers are forbidden to be together. “Forgotten Place” tells the story of 19 year old Imogen Grace O'Keefe and 22 year old Edmund Josiah Gray III. Edmund, the son of Sir Edmund Gray II, a prominent Hamilton Steel Shipping Tycoon, has been groomed by his father to step into his footsteps. But the love of Imogen stands to disrupt the course of Edmund’s life path. Imogen is without dowry or title; the daughter of poor Irish immigrants. On promise of disinheritance by his parents, Edmund has been forbidden to marry Imogen. Edmund’s brief wresting with an uncertain future is drowned out with the promise of love and a life of kindness with Imogen. Despite all this, they elope to a country church and marry for love for Edmund’s love for Imogen is greater than his fear of lack. 


Imogen, you are everything that is right in this world. 
The one bright spot in my life. 

You are my beloved, 
and of course you are, 
your very name means ‘Beloved’
And you were that the moment my eyes were first laid upon you. 
For I fell deeply and unshakeably in love with you before I ever heard you speak; 
before your eyes ever looked my way. 
You have taken my heart by storm and captured all my senses. 

How did I breath before you took my breath away? 
How did I move, before you moved me?

To love you is to have my heart outside of me,
for you take me wherever you go; 
How could the sweet smallness of you carry the weight of a man like me? 
But you do. 
Your strength is sobering. 
Your determination is inspiring. 
Your faith is unshakable 
and it shakes me to my core. 

You are the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh,
whatever our spirits are made of,
yours and mine are the same.

I love you Imogen
and it will be my life’s greatest work to love you well 
all the days of my life.


Edmund, I knew you long before, I ever met you. 
You were a dream to me, 
you came in visions that God had the grace to bestow across my sight; 
a tall raven-haired man with the kindest eyes. 

You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen. 
Your love brings me to my knees. 
And it is on my knees that I praise the day you came into my life and loved me to my core. 

Without you, I know I am whole, 
I know that I am worthy, 
and I know I am loved by my Saviour and God, 
but I’ve never felt fully alive until I saw my reflection in your eyes. 

You are the safest place to rest my heart. 
Your hands are the ones I forever want to hold me through the night. 
You Edmund, are the the wisest man I know, 
and I esteem you above all others. 

You have me Edmund,
today take all of me and never let me go, 
just as I will take all of you 
and never let you go. 

I had always thought a love like this was impossible.
But I wanted the impossible.
I wanted a miracle.
I wanted a phenomenon that I could revel and wonder at. 
And in wide-eyed wonder, I marvel at the whole of who you are.

I pledge my love and fidelity to you this day, 
and every day. 
For as sure as the sun kisses the horizon every morning, 
I will kiss you; 
I will choose you. 
I will choose you everyday of my life 
for as long as I have breath. 


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